CCC Barceloneta

Idea, creation, and choreography: Inka Romaní Escrivá and Julia Zac
Music: Martí Guillem.
Photography and video: Vindio Blanco.

This performance has been produced thanks to the residency program for young people from Ayuntamiento de Valencia (Valencia City Council) as well as the funds for artistic productions by Ayuntamiento de Valencia (Valencia City Council) and Instituto Valenciano De Cultura (Valencian Institute for Culture) and the creation residency program from Centre Civic de la Barceloneta (Barcelona).

This piece raises the question of how two bodies can share a battlefield without being physically in the same place. The artists bring the separation of bodies imposed by the health crisis to the same space. Each person lives and moves in their own virtual space, but they share the same room.

For their conceptualization, they start from the premises that Doel and Clarke established on virtual reality in 2005, which they understood as the final resolution of a world full of imperfections.

Virtual technology allows us to fulfill the dream of updating time and space at our whim, being/fighting together despite being each in our separate setting.