2019 - 2020

Fondation Blue Project

Concept + direction + performance: Julia Zac + Ulrico Eguizábal Catena
Set: Abel Iglesias
Music: Dr. Paul Jean Robert
Costume: Fede Pouso Carolina Figueroa Buj Studio
Footwear: Hernán Guardamagna
Photo: Papagni Meca

“A cyborg is a cybernetic organism, a machine and organism hybrid, a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction”.

Donna Haraway, A Cyborg Manifesto

The piece emerges from the interest of the artists and choreographers, Julia Zac and Ulrico Eguizábal Catena, in exploring dancing and the performing arts as a tool to query and raise awareness on how scientific and technological developments transform the social, material and political relationships. Asking how technology affects the body in the contemporary world is part of the process of the piece. The performance is organized into a series of repeated and necessary appearances and departures from the scene that has the purpose of showing the trial and error to which organisms are subjected to; the returning to the starting point, the resetting. The bodies crash against each other, they reprogram each other through well-defined movement patterns, they repeatedly join and separate themselves, they complement each other; with the aspiration of improving their performance and finding what would make them perfect, immortal. I-4 (B-sides) presents a novel idea of the organism body-machine, which is characterized by clumsiness, but at the same time intelligence, showing the mechanic and the human side of the performers. That notion of the machine as something that pursues a functional and logical way of movement, but that also reveals the human side, that is, the cyborg.


“I-4 is the most recent project by Julia Zac and Ulrico Eguizábal Catena, in collaboration with other artists. A multidisciplinary piece where dance, art and technology work together to release a futurist message”. Neo2 Magazine