Site- specific performance

Teatre el musical TEM
Valencia, SP

Choreography, direction: Julia Zac
Sound: Roberto Martin
Residencies: Graner Barcelona, Espai La granja
Photos: Raul Sanchez
Video: Antonio Savinelli

This project is part of an investigation that the artist is developing to approach discovering the relationships that the body has with its environment.

The proposal is articulated in a visit to the building of Teatre el Musical through dance and sound, where the audience will be able to approach the experience through a series of observation and listening exercises.

The artist presents a score based on the combination of physical tasks as well as the creation of ephemeral temporal structures, which rise and fade in an instant, appearing and disappearing like ghostly figures.

By seeking to produce spaces for the imagination, this project is conceived as a intimately shared experience. The celebration of simplicity, precision, and deceleration shape this collective contemplation experience in a world saturated with visual stimuli, inviting the viewer to transform, reconstruct, and reconfigure their gaze to discover new possibilities of interaction between the theater and its environment.